We are here to assist the self employed, contractors and anyone who views their income as complex with their mortgage requirements. We take the time to understand you and your circumstances, and are fully up to date with lender criteria to ensure we can obtain a product that suits your needs

Self employed mortgage

Self Employed Mortgages

We understand that when you are self employed, it can feel daunting when looking at mortgage options. Different lenders have different ways of reviewing your income which can make the process seem complex.

That is where Lakewood Mortgage Solutions can step in to make your life easier. Our specialist mortgage advisers understand all elements of self employment and are fully up to date with lenders criteria.

This means whether you are a Ltd Company director, sole trader or in a partnership, we can help you review your options and understand how much you can borrow. We offer self employed mortgages in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.

Your dedicated mortgage adviser will be there every step of the way. From initial enquiry, through to application and underwriting. We will ensure you know exactly what you need to provide to secure your mortgage and what options are available to you.

Contractor mortgage

Contractor Mortgages

Mortgage lenders have different lending criteria for people who are contractors. For example if you are registered as self employed, some will view you this way. Others can use your contract day rate income, potentially increasing the amount you can borrow.

This can make the mortgage market seem like a minefield. However our specialist advisers have a competent knowledge of the industry and are here to make the process straight-forward. We will talk you through the options available to ensure you apply for a suitable mortgage that meets your needs and requirements

Complex income mortgage

Complex Income

Do you consider your income complex? Do you have more than one source of income, or is some of your income variable? We will take the time to fully understand your circumstances so that we can appropriately advise you of your options and how much you can potentially borrow

Self Employed Mortgages Tunbridge Wells

If you’re self-employed, it can be more of an challenge to get a mortgage because as such we will need proof that your income is reliable. But this doesn’t mean getting one isn’t possible for those who work alone! There are plenty ways in which the self employed might establish their credibility and satisfy any lenders asking questions about how much money they make or where exactly these funds come from – usually just by doing things like producing tax records (if applicable) along with other necessary documents. Self employed mortgages are becoming more popular in Tunbridge Wells and increase in numbers year on year. Contact us for free mortgage advice